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Cheap Paxil

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Some typical claims made for the preparation are : "With marked beneficial action upon the nervous system. To be relied on where a deficiency of the phosphates is evident." ". . . brace those tired nerves and aid that worn Cheap Paxil stomach with Phillips' Phospho-Muriate of Quinine." "The maintenance of a satisfactory blood pressure level free from intervals of depression may be accomplished by the use of Phillips' Phospho-Muriate of Quinine Compound in appro- priate doses." "The quantities of quinin and strychnin Cheap Paxil in this preparation are so well balanced that they relieve the depression and fatigue from mental or physical exertion, without the necessity of recourse to alcoholic stimulation." "The other ingredients of Phillips' Phospho-Muriate of Quinine phosphoric acid, and the phosphates of potash, magnesia, lime, and iron are the most rational as well as convenient means of administering these tissue remedies, and of introducing phosphorus the vitalizing constituent of the nervous system into the organism." The action of such a mixture as a whole is practically that of the sum of the actions of its constituents. The therapeutic action of strychnin and quinin are described in every text-book of therapeutics, but it is necessary to distin- guish carefully between the various conditions in which these alkaloids have been used without discrimination, and those conditions in which they have been proved to be of value. While both have been widely used in a great variety of conditions, neither is of proved value in more than a distinctly limited range of diseases. The manufacturers Of Phillips' Phospho-Muriate of Quinine Comp. seem to appeal to the less discriminating who use these alkaloids without any definite conception of exactly what they seek to accomplish with them. Quinin, although used by the uncritical in a host of diseases, has a definite field of usefulness in the treatment of malaria, both Cheap Paxil prophylactic and curative, but the required dose in the treatment of malaria is many times larger than that recommended in the Phillips' Cheap Paxil preparation. The claim that the "strychnin and quinin in this preparation are so well balanced that they Cheap Paxil Cheap Paxil produce a mild, 1. The evolution of "Phillips' Phospho-Muriate of Quinine Comp." from "Phillips' Wheat Phosphates" may be interesting. Every one knows that therapeutics tends to fashions, and "Phillips' Wheat Phosphates" appears to have had its inception as the result of the observation that super-refined white flour contains less phosphates than the corresponding amount of wheat. It was assumed that such flour must be deficient in an essential constituent, and the Wheat Phosphates preparation was apparently designed to fill the want. It was exploited for the relief of numerous conditions that were supposed, without satisfactory evidence, to result from this deficiency. When iron, quinin and strychnin mixtures became the vogue a quarter of a century ago, it was only natural to ride on the wave of popularity and the already widely advertised "Wheat Phosphates" was further enhanced commercially by the addition of the iron, quinin and strychnin, the amount of alkaloid added being practically negligible. Those who are not familiar with the various phases of the Cheap Paxil phosphorus, phosphoric acid, lactophosphate, lecithin, nuclein and glycerophosphate propaganda are referred to a report of the Council on Pharmacy and Chemistry in THE JOURNAL A. M. A., Sept. 30, 1916, p. 1033. 198 Cheap Paxil PROPAGANDA FOR REFORM buoyant effect, so advantageous, instead of alcoholic stimulation, to relieve depression and fatigue from mental or physical exertion" is nonsensical, if, indeed, it Cheap Paxil is not mendacious balderdash. Calcium and potassium have important functions in the body, but' any deficiency that may arise is usually attributable to an inability of the body to utilize that which is supplied, for there is seldom any deficiency of these salts in the food, and when they are needed they are best supplied as simple solutions of the salts in appropriate doses without all of the other constituents of Phillips' Phospho-Muriate of Quinine Comp. Phosphoric acid exerts practically the same actions as other mineral acids, hydrochloric being usually preferred for internal administration in certain forms of indigestion, aside from which they are seldom used as Cheap Paxil such. In the more recent literature for Phillips' Phospho-Muriate of Quinine Comp., we find the attempt to utilize the well known craze about phosphorus, which has been through so many phases, every one of which has had its day and has been discarded. The phosphoric acid and phosphates present in Phillips' Phospho-Muriate of Quinine are of no more value in nervous diseases than is simple sodium phosphate which does not require the addition of a host of other ingredients for its action. As a matter of fact, the phosphates of calcium and potassium present in a dose of Phillips' Phospho-Muriate of Quinine are probably devoid of appreciable effect in practically all conditions. To pretend that one who suffers from physical and nervous exhaustion can be materially benefited by this mixture is sheer nonsense and is unworthy of a moment's consideration by a clinician who is called on to treat such patients. Iron is useful in anemia, as every one knows. Iron has practically no other field of usefulness in therapeutics. When it is indicated it should be administered in a simple form, such as the pill of ferrous carbonate, for example, and not in a "shotgun" mixture that is quite as likely to do harm as good. The claim that a satisfactory level of blood pressure can be maintained by Phillips' Phospho-Muriate of Quinine is mentioned only to condemn as the limit of impudent therapeutic claims. It is an insult to the intelligence of any practitioner to pretend that any known agent or combination of remedial agents can Cheap Paxil maintain a uniform blood pressure in any one of innumerable conditions. In short, Phillips' Phospho-Muriate of Quinine Comp. is a complex and irra- tional mixture exploited by means of unwarranted claims. It is a survival of the old days of therapeutic chaos when impossible and fantastic chemical formulas were gravely published and as solemnly accepted without question, and also without the slightest understanding on the part of many; when the most eminent of practitioners did not hesitate to give glowing testimonials for lithia waters that contained no more lithium than ordinary river water; when no therapeutic claim was too preposterous to receive acceptance, no theory too nonsensical to justify the use of all manner of claptrap mixtures for all manner of conditions. (From The Journal A. M. A., Oct. 19, 1918.) B. IODINE AND B. OLEUM IODINE Report of the Council on Pharmacy and Chemistry The Council has authorized publication of the following report on "B. Iodine" and "B. Oleum Iodine," together with the reply submitted by the manufacturer and a discussion thereon by the referee in charge of the preparations. w A p UCKNER> Secretary.
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